In 2018, the four piece group Wood & Wire was nominated for a Grammy award for their album North of Despair. Since their four members had come up playing styles like jazz and punk rock, of course they would find themselves in a band on the verge of winning nationwide recognition as a bluegrass band -- from that hotbed of the genre, Austin Texas no less. Somehow, two plus two equals five with Wood & Wire, and here they are, carving out a niche that seems as unlikely as it is fortunate.

Friday Feature: Annual Green Race Goes Virtual

Nov 2, 2020

Freelance Reporter- Lydia Wilson provided WNCW with her report on Western North Carolina's annual Green Race event.  The event in November is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Participants can come and get in the water for the excitement as before but there will be no crowds allowed due to the pandemic.  However, the race will shown live online.  This Friday Feature also shares news about a book on Chimney Rock (N.C.).  This segment originally aired Oct. 30, 2020.

Friday Feature: Moonshining in the Mountains

Oct 19, 2020

The Center for Cultural Preservation (Hendersonville) is working on its latest documentary called 'Moonshining In The Mountains" and Executive Director- David Weintraub joins WNCW during The Friday Feature to talk all about it.  David also previews an event in support of the documentary called a Moonshine Tasting Party.  Moonshine can be made legally today, but it wasn't always that way.  Click and listen to a Friday Feature you'll long remember.  This interview originally aired Oct. 16, 2020.

This Friday Feature Interview of the Week spotlights the all new Citizen Vinyl - a production facility that will be making music albums in Asheville.  Gar Ragland, a veteran music producer, is one of the masterminds responsible for making this happen and our guest.  Find out about Citizen Vinyl's plans - the historic building the business is located in - and how other types of businesses also call the venue home.  The interview first aired on Sept. 25, 2020.

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Transylvania Times Reporter Matt McGregor was guest on WNCW's More To The Story to discuss some of his latest stories - including how Hispanic community members are supporting one another during the pandemic in Transylvania County, NC. McGregor also shares what it's like being a reporter that's still working during a time of isolation. This conversation first aired on June 17, 2020.

Posted by More to the Story Host and Producer - Paul Foster, WNCW Senior Producer, News Director, and Morning Edition Regional Host

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Monday, May 11th at 10am, from 1996 & 1997: Doc Watson

May 7, 2020
Linda Osbon Bost

We've got a special "Ten O'Clock Doc" set for you this time, with two of Doc's visits to WNCW back in the 1990's: Doc with Wayne Henderson and Charles Welch from March of 1996, and with Jack Lawrence from March of 1997.

Here are the two podcasts from these sessions:

WNCW host Marshall Ballew first paid tribute to the musical genius of Frank Zappa on the airwaves back in December 1993 when the news of Zappa's death broke. The spotlight became a weekly feature and, after other hosts, most notably Dave Wall, carried the torch along the way, Marshall came back in 2016 to give us our weekly dose of Frank on Friday. In addition to airing the show every Friday night, we're now thrilled to make it available as a weekly podcast as well.