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  • It's rare to get to speak with a member of the news media coming off of a trip to war-torn Ukraine, but that's exactly what happened when WNCW sat down with Cory Vaillancourt of Smoky Mountain News. Cory was able to travel to parts of Ukraine before the holidays. The country has been invaded and attacked by Russia for almost one year. The sights and sounds of what Cory experienced make you feel fortunate to be in America.
  • It was a listen back to a few of the highlight features over the past year. WNCW shared information on the Blue Ridge Honor Flight, the book A Guide To The Appalachian Trail, TV and stand-up Comedian Tommy Davidson, and The Ava Gardner Museum.
  • It was a listen back to a few of the highlight interviews over the past year. We went back to discussions with WUNC, WFAE, Carolina Public Press, and the Asheville Citizen Times. Topics included "The Deadliest Jail in N.C.", "Abortion in North Carolina", "More Pay for State Teachers" and "Progress In The Review of North Carolina Rape Kits".
  • WNCW received the assistance of The Blue Ridge Conservancy, located in Blowing Rock, and NPR (National Public Radio) for this story on Virginia Big-Eared Bats at Grandfather Mountain and Box Turtles along the North Carolina Coast. Both have been in the endangered category. Find out what's being done to help in their survival and expansion.
  • After writing and reporting on North Carolina's state of mental health concerning youth for WUNC Public Radio, Reporter Will Michaels visited WNCW to share what he had learned. The CDC reports there's a rise in cases of depression and anxiety in youth that goes back to the pandemic.
  • Prior to the huge midterm elections on Nov. 8th, WNCW spoke with Carolina Public Press and Reporter Shelby Harris about early voting in North Carolina.
  • Politics Editor for Smoky Mountain News, Cory Vaillancourt, talked to More to the Story about Canton resident Ashley Smathers. Smathers blames Mission Hospital for the now serious health conditions of her baby, who was delivered at the hospital in 2020. Cory explains how a bill passed by the N.C. General Assembly pertains to this lawsuit that seeks a number of listed damages.
  • WUNC’s Jeff Tiberii returned to the program to talk about pollsters and if voters can trust them moving closer to midterm elections in November. Jeff had also conducted an interview with N.C. Sen. Phil Berger. He shared what Berger had to say about today’s hot issues heading toward the election.
  • First-time guest to More to the Story, Asheville Watchdog took part in this interview about their story, "Asheville TDA Expenses for U.S. Open Tennis."   It involved an over one-million-dollar sponsorship.  Asheville Watchdog contributing Writer Sally Kestin visited our program and went over the City of Asheville's involvement in the U.S. Tennis Open in New York City.  This interview originally aired on Sept. 21, 2022.
  • Government Report for WFAE Public Radio, Steve Harrison spoke about Charlotte City Council Member James Mitchell, who has gained media attention for being involved with a construction company that the city uses for jobs. Steve also shares details about the media having a difficult time getting political candidates to respond to them for a story. This interview aired Sept. 14, 2022.