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Southern Songs and Stories
Podcast on the WNCW Web Site

Southern Songs and Stories is a documentary series about the music of the South and the artists who make it. Hear their performances and discover the stories behind their songs with a look at their lives on stage, in the studio and at home as well as the family, friends, fans and music professionals around them. The series is based in western North Carolina and the surrounding Appalachian and foothill regions, covering an incredible array of musicians and bands. Podcast episodes are produced in partnership with public radio station WNCW as well as the Osiris podcast network, and are also carried on Bluegrass Planet Radio. Host Joe Kendrick produces Southern Songs and Stories, documenting the current music of the South and the story of how it came to be, from styles that are centuries old to genres that are just emerging. Episodes typically spotlight individual artists and bands, and occasionally focus on historical topics, issues surrounding musicians and the music industry, and even a song itself, like in the podcast on “Wagon Wheel”. It is a show for everyone who loves music and for anyone who wants to explore the South.

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Latest Episodes
  • Conversation with multiple Grammy and IBMA award winning instrumentalist along with commentary and musical excerpts from My Bluegrass Heart.
  • This one is for all the late bloomers: now in his late 20s, NC artist Barrett Davis has given us a compelling debut of Americana music with themes of ancient Cherokee mythology and modern day struggles in Appalachia.
  • Conversations touching on the Earl Scruggs Music Festival where this episode was recorded, artists from North Carolina like Aaron Burdett, River Whyless, and Scruggs Fest featured artists Fireside Collective and Chatham Rabbits, plus up and comer Cristina Vane, who calls Nashville home. You will get to hear music excerpts of all of those artists in this episode. Of course, we also talk about the festival’s namesake, Earl Scruggs, who grew up in nearby Cleveland County, North Carolina. It is a lively conversation with Craig Havighurst, one of the best podcasters and music journalists you will ever find.
  • A unique spin on a Southern legacy of music and living off the land with Kentucky artist S.G. Goodman, including excerpts from her live performance on WNCW
  • Conversation with and music from the banjo player, songwriter, Floyd Fest media director, and talent buyer
  • Interview with award winning banjo player, songwriter and all around nice guy Tray Wellington, featuring excerpts of his original compositions as well as some covers. Includes commentary from host and producer Joe Kendrick, as well as banjo players Jesse Langlais and Brian Swenk.
  • Music artists Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Darin Aldridge, and Acoustic Syndicate speak at length about their memories of and love for the little venue that could, Green Acres Music Hall.Also featured is the one person who is most responsible for putting Green Acres on the map, the Little King himself, Steve Metcalf. Plus, comments from a whole host of others who were there back in the day, like John Cowan, Carol Rifkin, Sandy Carlton, the late Ed Stokes, and Mike Lynch, among others.
  • One of the finest songwriters of his generation talks about his love of electric guitar, life on his 500+ acre farm, his many collaborations, his favorite cover version of one of his signature songs and much more, including music from his most recent albums and live excerpts of songs from his extensive catalog.