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  • A former college professor with an MFA in Creative Writing, Ken Waldman, AKA The Alaskan Fiddling Poet, has published fifteen full-length poetry collections, a memoir, and a creative writing manual from respected independent small presses. As a performer, he’s played from the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage to the Woodford Folk Festival ( Queensland , Australia ). "He brings his instruments, a few fellow musicians, and his poems about surviving a plane crash (locals once called him "a walking dead man"), watching grizzlies feed in a garbage dump, and other adventures in the forty-ninth state." The New Yorker
  • Robert Lynn “Bobby” McMillon (1951-2021) was a traditional ballad singer, musician and storyteller from Yancey County , N.C. He grew up hearing first hand the scary stories and witch tales that his family told. His grandfather had an old Victrola record player, and a lot of old records. Bobby loved to listen and learn the old songs. It wasn’t long before he began to realize that some of the recorded songs were similar to the old songs that his family and neighbors sang. In his teens he developed an avid interest in documenting these songs, spending any free time visiting and recording.
  • Connie Regan-Blake has captivated the hearts and imaginations of people around the globe with her powerful performances and workshops. "Two Friends and One Horse" is a folktale told in Israel about making peace.
  • Dr. William Moreau Goins passed away on November 11, 2017. He was a folklorist, cultural presenter, chanter-singer, dancer, artist, education, arts administrator, and advocate for diversity and multiculturalism. Dr. Goins served as CEO for the Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois, and United Tribes of South Carolina (State recognized), a statewide tribal organization.
  • Kathy swears that she has never shared this story with anyone, but now the secret is out. Kathy Gordon is from the mountains of Western North Carolina. She loves to share the stories her parents told as well as tales of growing up in the mountains, “I was blessed with a vivid imagination and have always put it to good use!”
  • Robin’s life mission is to tell stories that educate, motivate, lift spirits, and sometimes just make people laugh. "Big Red Goat" is a story with a punch line. There’s nothing wrong with a little Cajun humor.
  • Milbre Burch is a GRAMMY-nominated spoken word recording artist, an internationally known Oracle-Award-winning storyteller, and a sought-after teaching artist. The preeminent interpreter of Jane Yolen stories, she has performed and taught across the US , Europe and Asia since 1978.
  • Jess’s mother conjured up this haunted story to keep her children safe for a nearby lake, “Some say if you see a crooked tree like that, there’s a witch buried underneath. You have to be careful going close to those trees, especially in the afternoon, after school.”
  • Lona Bartlett is a professional storyteller, puppeteer, and educator who has delighted audiences throughout the U.S. and internationally for over 30 years. Degrees in education and a small-town upbringing in the Catskill Mountains provide inspiration for a long list of programs and presentations.
  • Michael "Badhair" Williams is from the North Carolina Mountains, the heart of Appalachia. He has been telling Appalachian folk tales on stage since 1975. Television, radio, and rock videos have pushed storytelling into the corners with the cobwebs. "Badhair" sweeps it back out, pulling from his Appalachian heritage the tales that delighted our grandparents, and now delight our children and ourselves.
  • A Coat for My Daughter is a short version of two stories Robin tells about pulling herself up by her bootstraps. Robin is a survivor, perseverance wins over.
  • Lord Randall is a haunting ballad that tells of a conversation between mother and son. Randall has been poisoned by his lover, his mother helps him dictate his last will and testament, “Mother make my bed soon, for I am sick-hearted and I want to lie down.”In the last verse, Lord Randall tells that it is his lover who has done him in.