paul thorn

From WNCW Program Director Joe Kendrick: You will never be bored when it comes to Paul Thorn. Whether it’s his life story, his conversations, or his main gig, music, there’s nothing run of the mill about any of it. None of it is what you would call normal, but at the same time, everything about him has a wide appeal and relatability. There’s the surface level of what seems like a carnival show, but pretty quickly it’s obvious that, deeper down, there’s a profound love for humanity, a rare level of self-awareness, wit and intelligence in everything he does.

Live Thursday, February 27th between 3 & 4pm: Paul Thorn

Feb 25, 2020

Just listening to him tell a story will transport you to his hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi, growing up the son of a pentecostal preacher who charted his own course: from furniture factory full-timer to professional boxer to the great professional blues/rock musician he is today. Paul Thorn returns to WNCW Thursday afternoon before a string of shows in our area: Asheville Thursday night, Johnson City on Friday, Shelby, NC on Friday the 6th, and Newberry, SC on Saturday the 7th.

Band members smiling with DJ and Engineer in Studio
Vicki Dameron

Tupelo, Mississippi singer/songwriter Paul Thorn has a brand new album, Don't Let The Devil Ride, so we thought it would be a good time to rewind back to 2002 for a really fun session with him centered around the Mission Temple Fireworks Stand album. We'll also listen to Asheville singer-songwriter Jane Kramer, backed by Free Planet Radio and Billy Cardine in a recent visit to Studio B. Join Host Kim Clark for Studio B rewind, Sundays at 7pm.