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From WNCW Senior News Producer Paul Foster: "The Friday July 17th edition of WNCW's Friday Feature Interview of the Week will include a great trip down memory lane. I'll have the pleasure of interviewing Maryedith Burrell, who was a cast member of the ABC TV late night,live comedy, series "Fridays" - a show that was on the air in the 80's. Does anyone remember it? Have you ever watched it... even in reruns? Friday's had a great cast that was much funnier than the one assembled on Saturday Night Live at the time.

This segment of More To The Story dealt with politics and the race that is receiving national attention - North Carolina's 11th Congressional District, the district that used to be represented by Mark Meadows.  Reporter Cory Vallincourt with Smoky Mountains News shared his insight on an election in November that will come down to the young newcomer - Madison Cawthorn vs. veteran politician, Democrat Moe Davis.  This conversation first aired on WNCW, July 8, 2020.

Dr. Tony Atala on Regenerative Medicine

Feb 26, 2017

Anthony Atala, MD, is the Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and the W. Boyce Professor and Chair of Urology at Wake Forest University.  Dr. Atala is a practicing surgeon and a researcher in the area of regenerative medicine.  His work focuses on growing human cells, tissues and organs.