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Vicki Dameron

WNCW Program Director Joe Kendrick is back with his popular podcast On The Way Up. Each episode features some of the best tunes that are either fresh out of the shrink wrap, or just making their way into the hearts of WNCW listeners. Kendrick said in this episode, we'll go back and look at some of the songs that were played the most on WNCW for the first ten months of 2018. "We are almost set to begin voting for the top releases of the year in making our top 100," said Kendrick. "That voting will begin after Thanksgiving.

Friday Feature- Bluegrass Boogie (Art of Music)

Nov 14, 2018

The Smoky Mountain News is presenting "Bluegrass Boogie" - just one of numerous events that will make up this year's Balsam Range - Art of Music Festival in Waynesville, the week after Thanksgiving.  Bluegrass Boogie includes live music by Ol' Dirty Bathtub and Darren Nicholson.  Reporter Garrett Woodward from the SM News is guest on this Friday Feature to provide all the details (aired originally Nov. 9, 2018.

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Vicki Dameron

Our great friend, multi-instrumentalist, singer, storyteller and TV host David Holt returned to WNCW earlier this month to talk about his new, third season of his television series that highlights great roots music from our region.

Friday Feature- Pigeon Forge Winterfest

Nov 6, 2018

A celebration of the winter season, the holiday season, and thousands of visitors, has enabled Pigeon Forge, Tennessee's Winterfest to reach its 29th anniversary this year.  During the Friday Feature Interview of the Week, first airing on Nov. 2, 2018, Leon Downey, Executive Director of the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism shared all the details from the Smokey Mountains.

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More to the Story: Midterms in Western NC

Nov 6, 2018

State and Federal Government and Politics Reporter for the Asheville Citizen-Times, Mark Barrett was guest on this Morning Edition from Oct. 31, 2018 covering some of the key midterm political races facing Buncombe County voters, as well as house and senate positions around Western North Carolina.

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Man playing guitar
Joe Kendrick

Revisit Joe Kendrick's Session with Adam Elk in this podcast - Adam plays several songs on his acoustic guitar, and talks to Joe about things like getting his first start with his band "The Mommyheads" at CBGBs, the famous New York City Music Club in Manhatten's East Village - known as a rock/folk venue as well as the birthplace of punk. They talk about the band being signed to Geffen Records, getting dropped and taking a decade off, becoming popular in Sweden, and The Mommyheads being profiled one of the 10 worst band names of all times.

North Carolina Documentary Filmmaker Anna Jones is receiving high acclaim, honors, and screenings across the nation and beyond for a film she made about her father, "Chairman Jones: An Improbable Leader."  Her inspiring story tells the story of James Jones, a black farmer in Eastern N.C. with only a 7th grade education, who incredibly became the first black school board chairman in the state around 1970.  Anna is interviewed on this Friday Feature that first aired on October 12, 2018.

Nina Simone became one of the iconic singers of jazz and soul of the 1960s and a strong voice for Civil Rights. She got her start in her hometown of Tryon, N.C., playing piano and singing in her church choir. The "Down the Road on the Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina" podcast highlights bluegrass and old-time music stories, performers, and traditions across the mountain and foothills counties of Western North Carolina.

Located in Rutherford County, NC is KidSenses, a childs dream place to explore, create and certainly get educated.  KidSenses is an interactive museum for children.  Executive Director at Kidsenses- Willard Whitson joined WNCW during the Friday Feature Interview of the Week to take us inside the walls of Kidsenses and its part of the operation called The Factory, where big expansion is on the way.  The interview originally aired Oct. 5, 2018.

Dave Hennigan with the Greenville News took part in this More to the Story from October 3, 2018 when he discussed the paper's Storyteller's Project.  This interview provides an overview of the series and some of the storyteller's that have been featured so far.  The project is also presented nationwide through the Greenville News ownership group, USA Today. Events in Greenville are open to the public.

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