Albino Skunk Festival

As they say at The Albino Skunk Festival... it's time for the FES TA VULL. It actually began yesterday, October 3rd and will continue today and tomorrow. We're there, come by our tent and say hello and pick up some some cool WNCW glasses, stickers, and more! Here's the lineup for the rest of the fest:

We'll see you at SkunkFest!

Band members playing music on stage
John Gillespie

Dan Lotti once said, “For me, the whole artistic process is rooted in a sort of spiritual practice. I’m not outwardly yogic, but every single day I’m involved in a yogic practice of meditation and stretching. I think that practice inevitably breathes and inspires the music. It opens you up to a lot of different perspectives.” For Dan and his band Dangermuffin, the music they make is meant for both fun and for healing. Their songs are both for bringing community together, and for letting loose and enjoying a tight jam. Here, those jams are mostly acoustic.