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Wednesday 4/24: Alejandro Escovedo – Echo Dancing

Alejandro Escovedo has been a pillar in the monumental music scene of Austin, TX since the ‘80s. In 1998, No Depression Magazine named him Artist of the Decade! Many artists retire some of their older songs as they move forward with their lives… Escovedo has decided to instead reinterpret them, breathing new life into them with radically different arrangements and revolutionary effect. “I always feel that that a well-written song can withstand a lot of abuse,”, he says. “Turning a past song inside out leads to discovery of new ideas you might not have understood about the song. The songs never seem to be complete. They are always evolving.” Check out these new versions of “John Conquest”, “Castanuelas” (“Castanets”), “Swallows of San Juan”, “Wave” and others with us.

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