On The Way Up | Episode 46 - Rodney Crowell, Los Coast, Sunny War + Kim Clark is DJ For The Day

Sep 12, 2019

WNCW’s new music podcast features a number of Texans in this episode, ranging from all time WNCW favorites like Rodney Crowell to newcomers like Los Coast," said WNCW Program Director Joe Kendrick. "We get to one of our go-to western North Carolina outfits as well, with Seth Kauffman’s band Floating Action. Plus, we drop in on several women artists who are new to the scene, with songs from Sunny War, Esther Rose and Madison Cunningham. This show also sees the return of the segment “DJ For A Day” where we'll talk with Kim Clark about WNCW’s upcoming 30th anniversary, and especially our live compilation, Crowd Around The Mic, which expands to three discs from the usual two this year. And, we get cinematic in our “Segue Of The Show” pairing up a David Axelrod song from the late 1960s with the reunion of Calexico and Iron & Wine.