Elephant Sessions Studio B Session Airs Today, Sunday, May 5th at 1pm on CELTIC WINDS

May 5, 2019

WNCW Music Director Martin Anderson calls Elephant Sessions "fresh and exciting." They are described as "trad-meets-rock" and are from the Scottish Highlands. "They have an exciting new take on keeping traditional Celtic music modern and new," said Anderson, who considers them one of the "traditional-plus" acts Doc Watson talked about when describing the wide range of different styles of bands that have always performed at MerleFest. The all-instrumental band represented the Isles at MerleFest playing two gigs, one at the Hillside Stage and one at the late night Dance Stage. Needless to say, they were a huge hit with the folks at fest! Check 'em out Sunday on CELTIC WINDS, with Richard Beard - Listener-Supported, Grassroots Radio - WNCW - FM 88.7