WNCW's New Program CULTURE CARAVAN Debuts Sunday, March 22 at 7pm with Host Nate Tadlock

Mar 21, 2020

We are happy to announce the creation of our newest program titled Culture Caravan. We've always loved and played world music here at WNCW. During this pandemic we know it's even more important to share it because we care about everyone worldwide... their music and their health and well being. In this crazy time we are thankful for people like Creator/Host of the show Nate Tadlock. He actually had this in motion before things went crazy and we're appreciative of his efforts! He says this about Culture Caravan: "It will feature music ranging from Afro Beat to Bossa Nova and everything in between! Get your weekly dose of music from around the world as we revisit classic artists who have made a permanent mark on the world music scene." Tadlock says he'll also highlight local artists, closer to home, who are "blending international sounds" with fellow musicians making their own kind of music. Please join us for the debut of Culture Caravan beginning Sunday, March 22, and airing every Sunday 7 - 8pm. Tell your friends. Stay safe and know we are there for you.