On The Way Up| Episode 42 - Host Joe Kendrick with Scythian's Dan Fedoryka, DJ For A Day

May 28, 2019

"Get set for another round of songs that are just becoming or are already classified as bona fide earworms here at grassroots radio on this episode, said WNCW Program Director Joe Kendrick. "Our feature DJ For A Day takes a bicycle trip to a little country store with the band Scythian, for the tale of how they were given a 19th century fiddle on the spot. Dan Fedoryka of Scythian tells a great story about how his brother Alex got this instrument, so stick around for that as well as our Segue Of the Show, which goes for a nautical theme with a new tune from Old Man Luedecke paired with an out of print record from 1992. We have Buddy & Julie Miller, Rodrigo Y Gabriela and a whole lot in between here on this edition of WNCW’s new music podcast On The Way Up."