Southern Songs & Stories - BJ Barham & American Aquarium Part 2: It All Ends With Revealing History

Jul 28, 2020

In the first episode of this series, you got to hear about how BJ Barham turns uncomfortable conversations about the dark parts of Southern history into songs, about racial and class divides, how influential Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen are to his music, and about how things stand for American Aquarium and in the music business more generally during the coronavirus pandemic. But we left a lot on the table, including much of a conversation with Tyler Boone, who has a new single out, and lots more from BJ Barham, including producer Shooter Jennings as the band’s Bigfoot, and more insight into the culture and politics of the South. All that and more music from American Aquarium’s new album Lamentations on this episode of Southern Songs and Stories.

Listen to the first episode of this two part series here: Southern Songs and Stories BJ Barham and American Aquarium: Part One