Dynamite Roasting Co. & WNCW - Help Support The Perfect Partnership By Donating Today!

May 14, 2020

Our Spring Fundraiser is here and we have all of our thank you gifts available online at wncw.org - You can also call us at 800 245 8870 and talk to one of our staff members about the gifts. One of them is our spectacular WNCW Mountain Morning Coffee Blend made by Dynamite Roasting Company located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Black Mountain, North Carolina. We love our partnership with Dynamite Roasting… also known as “The People’s Coffee.” The coffee has been 100% certified organic and fair trade since it opened, and the people who work for Dynamite really like coffee and strive to help benefit the communities that grow the beans. Dynamite provides a fair wage to its farmers and leaves the smallest footprint it can leave in its farming practices. And, if that’s not cool enough... the founders, Josh Gibbs and Andy Gibbons, met at a music festival. We were destined to partner together. The story goes like this: They were hanging out after a late night gig, drinking some java and came up with the brilliant idea of starting Dynamite Roasting Company. That was in 2008. Not long after that, Gibbs and Gibbons reached out to our staff to form a partnership, and with a big “thumbs up” from us, created a special WNCW blend. We’ve been working together ever since. For more than a decade, Dynamite has been donating 10% of the sales of the WNCW Blend to our radio station, as well as in-kind donations of the delicious coffee, which we use in vast amounts, as fuel, during our fundraisers and long days of packing, post fundraisers. It truly is a great relationship - like a really good marriage.

There’s a reason western North Carolina coffee lovers purchased nearly 10,000 pounds of the WNCW Mountain Morning Blend in 2018 - it’s great coffee, made by great people, who do great things for their communities, farmers and friends. We proudly offer our Dynamite Roasting Company blend as a thank you gift during every fundraiser. Click on DONATE on our homepage and “get you some!” You’ll be happy you did. We promise! Thanks for supporting grassroots radio - WNCW 88.7 FM and Dynamite Roasting Company.