Peak Of The Week™

Thursdays at 9pm

A new release - handpicked by WNCW's Programming Staff - is sampled throughout Renee Denton's Music Mix on Thursday evenings.

Two of our favorite songwriters have united together for the third time.  This time, Tim and Darrell spent a good stretch of time in Darrell's cabin in the Tennessee countryside, writing and recording these new songs with a broad variety of acoustic instruments.  We'll play all the tunes from it throughout the course of your Thursday night music mix.  And you can ask for this CD to be sent your way as a thank-you gift for your pledge of support to WNCW this week!

The duo of Luther and Cody Dickinson keep their great groove of North Mississippi blues fused with hip-hop, alt-rock, and more going with this, their 7th release, and probably one of their best.  "World boogie is coming" was one of the favorite blessings of their father, producer Jim Dickinson, and his spirit is all over this one, along with the help of long-time friends, Lightnin' Malcolm, Duwayne and Garry Burnside,  Alvin Youngblood Hart, Robert Plant, Chris Chew, and others.

One of our favorite regional bands, and in fact one of WNCW listeners' favorite acts of all time, Acoustic Syndicate is back with a new Little King Records release, Rooftop Garden.  Steve, Bryon, and Fitz McMurry, Jay Sanders, and Billy Cardine are proud of this new one, as well they should be!  We'll spin all the tunes from it throughout this Thursday night.

The boys from Brevard & Asheville are back with an album that was recorded at Levon Helm's studios in Woodstock, NY, with famed producer Larry Campbell.  The arrangements, songwriting, and harmonies here show how the Rangers just keep getting better and better!  A contender for WNCW Listeners' Album of the Year, Tell the Ones I Love will make a great foundation for Brad Watson's music mix throughout this Thursday night. 

We in the U.S. have had to wait an extra year for its release (due to record label legal red tape), but now we finally have this new double album from the former Dire Straits' frontman.  It features impeccable musicianship from such greats as Kim Wilson, Richard Bennett, Guy Fletcher, Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker, and Tim O'Brien: “This is the band I have been working toward my whole life,” says Knopfler himself.