Peak Of The Week™

Thursdays at 9pm

A new release - handpicked by WNCW's Programming Staff - is sampled throughout Renee Denton's Music Mix on Thursday evenings.

Amos Lee's insightful songwriting and soulful vocals are as strong as ever on this, his fifth release.  He moves in more of an Americana direction on this one, which was in fact recorded in Nashville, and features a number of local heavyweights like Jerry Douglas, Alison Krauss, and Patty Griffin.  No question his soul, jazz, and rock influences will come through in our eclectic Thursday night mix too, though! 

He grew up in Sweden, the son of a jazz drummer.  But Osborne has been one of our favorite New Orleans-based  blues-rock guitarists and singer-songwriters of the last 10 or more years, and this new one on Alligator Records quickly became a staff favorite around here.  Intensely passionate one moment, emotionally fragile the next, Peace is his most multi-dimensional and honest snapshot to date. 

Who else but Bob Dylan could release TEN volumes (and counting) of "bootleg" studio/stage recordings, and each one full of great material?  This one is centered around Self-Portrait (various folk and traditional songs) and New Morning (one of his best, under-recognized albums), but also includes outtakes & such from Nashville Skyline and work with The Band.  Check out the fine accompaniment too, from the likes of David Bromberg, Al Kooper, and George Harrison.  Brad will fit as many of these 35 songs as he can into your Thursday night mix.

They've made great music with their own respective bands (Medeski, Martin & Wood, and King Johnson), but for the last 8 or so years Chris and Oliver Wood have "reunited" for a trio with percussionist Jano Rix.  This new one, produced by Buddy Miller, is without a doubt a Top 10 favorite of ours here at 'NCW.  Jazzy honky tonk gospel blues throughout this Thursday evening, courtesy of The Wood Brothers!

Check out Neko Case's first couple records, and you might consider her a honky-tonk/country singer.  She actually got her start playing drums in a punk band.  ....No wonder we love her.  Case's latest album comes following a series of rough spots, including the loss of both parents, and a grandmother she was even closer to.  And then there's the mother she overheard in the Honululu airport.... This new one has been getting a tidal wave of great reviews, as both her strongest and her strangest.