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Appalachian Vibes
Saturday mornings at 6am

Appalachian Vibes is a show dedicated to challenging the expectations and celebrating the diversity of music created in and around the Appalachian region. Every week, Amanda Bocchi interviews artists and writers with a story to tell; compelling personal narrative interviews lead to deep conversations about the depth of an artist's work and the path it took to get there. Appalachian Vibes is listener nominated, you can nominate an artist at

Appalachian Vibes was created by Amanda Bocchi, a musician and then producer for a Southwest Virginia NPR station, who noticed the lack of diversity represented in the music community in Appalachia. She created the hour-long radio show and podcast as a response to the lack of diversity in Appalachia. Appalachian Vibes is an experiment in creating a community where artists who have had to fight for an opportunity to be heard because they don't fit the mold in Appalachia, can have a platform to share their music, talent and hearts. In March 2022, Appalachian Vibes and WNCW partnered together to bring you Appalachian Vibes mini's every other Tuesday morning during Morning Edition at 7:51am and every Saturday morning at 6am.