When Bluegrass Gets Weird and Psychedelia Goes Acoustic: Yonder Mountain String Band

Aug 22, 2019

When talking about how things used to be two decades ago, Adam Aijala, guitarist and founding member of Yonder Mountain String Band said, “We could play a hardcore bluegrass festival, and we'd be the weird band; we could play a jam band festival and be the only band without drums.” That’s not always the case for this now five-piece group nowadays, but they still find themselves in a place where few artists stay for long: bridging the musical territories of classic bluegrass with jam and psychedelia. 


Host Joe Kendrick interviews the band, in this episode of Southern Songs and Stories, and brings in a conversation with Nick Forster of Hot Rize and the radio show eTown to this podcast, which also features many live tracks that Yonder Mountain played at the Cold Mountain Music Festival in June of this year. One of those songs features a guest appearance from Mimi Naja of the band Fruition. 



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