On The Way Up | Episode 31

Jan 30, 2018

In this show we play some heavy hitting favorites, with western NC’s Steep Canyon Rangers showing up in the playlist, and a new and decidedly different approach from The Decemberists, plus one of our favorite Americana bands from Brooklyn, with a new single from Yarn. We’ll also get to some nifty jazz and violin tunes as well as feature an up and coming old time band from the high country here in the old north state. Martin Anderson joins me for DJ For A Day, as we talk about how many more songs reflecting the political and cultural divides of our day are coming to us at WNCW, and how that impacts our audience.


  • Steep Canyon Rangers  “Let Me Out Of This Town” from Out In The Open
  • Strictly Strings “Say Darlin’ Say” from High on A Mountain
  • Yarn “Undone” from Lucky 13 series
  • Marie/Lepanto “Inverness” from Tenkiller
  • Decemberists “Severed” from I’ll Be Your Girl
  • [Bob Dylan “Political World” intro to DJ For A Day including an excerpt of Tony Eltora “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes” from Between Love & Tragedy]
  • Julian Lage “”The Ramble” from Modern Lore
  • Joe Kye “Stick On Me” from Migrants
  • The Horse Flies “Human Fly” from Human Fly (Segue Of The Week)