On The Way Up | Episode 15

May 16, 2017

In this episode, the new tunes range from singer/songwriter to latin jazz to americana.  Joe features music from Aaron Burdett, Duende Libre, and Dustbowl Revival.  Joe also talks with Jason Lineberger about the art of the record review. 

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Dustbowl Revival “Call My Name” from Dustbowl Revival

David Olney “Don’t Try To Fight It from Don’t Try To Fight It

Juliana Hatfield “Wonder Why” from Pussycat

Aaron Burdett “It’s A Living” from Refuge

Jared Tyler “Dirt On Your Hands” from Dirt On Your Hands

DJ For A Day: The Art of the Record Review with Jason Lineberger

The Mountain Goats “Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds” from Goths

Duende Libre “For The Rekkid” from Duende Libre

Weather Report “Birdland” (Segue Of The Week)