Morning Edition on Wednesday, August 29th: THE PAUL L. DUNBAR EDUCATION MUSEUM

The small community of Grahamtown is a community within a community - the traditional heart of the African American community in Rutherford County. Several world famous black Americans began their education in small black schools in the county from the end of the civil war to the end of segregation, not only in Rutherford County, but in thousands of small communities across the country. The Paul Laurance Dunbar Room of Remembrance Education Museum is located in Grahamtown and is named for one of those famous African-Americans who went on to fame despite humble beginnings and segregated education. Dr. Lee Greene began the museum to educate children and young adults about their roots, so that these stories will become a part of them and important to them. Join me for my conversation with Greene about his own education and the difficulties of finding these important parts of history from a time when not many records were kept by whites or blacks, except within the churches or families.