Crescent Moon Rounders Live This Sunday During This Old Porch

Feb 3, 2018

Host John Fowler welcomes Crescent Moon Rounders to This Old Porch on Sunday, February 4th at 3:30 for an interview and live session with songs from their new album Ain’t Gonna Get No Supper Here Tonight. The Crescent Moon Rounders have been performing together at musical festivals in North Carolina for over a dozen years. Reid Ringer, from Saluda, South Carolina, and Rob Morrison, from Chapel Hill, have played in various bands together for over 30 years. Ray Owens, from Charlotte, has come from a mixture of bands from Asheville to Charlotte before he joined the Rounders. As a young man, Reid Ringer visited and played with legendary South Carolina fiddlers, Bo Norris, Pappy Sherill, and Vernon Riddle, to collect tunes and preserve many of the dance tunes you hear on their new release.