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Tim Lowry - "Casey At The Bat"

Tim Lowry is an award-winning recording artist, author, and storyteller from Summerville, S.C., where he often performs stories of southern culture and history from the “Sweet Tea Trail”. He is a favorite at the International Storytelling Festival and Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.

Casey at the Bat is perhaps the most well know sports poem of all time. It was written in 1883 by Ernest Lawrence Thayer (1863 – 1940) under the pen name Phin. The poem gained popularity after actor William DeWolf Hopper incorporated it into his radio performances.

John started as a volunteer radio announcer in the spring of 1995, spinning vinyl and a brand new media, the Compact-Disc. He recalls, “In those days we had, reel-to-reel recorded programs, and guests crowding around the one mic to perform live - all bundled up into a 2 hour live old-time radio show." Now This Old Porch is three hours of top notch programming with up-to-date technology.