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Man wearing shirt that says I'd rather be drinking coffee and petting my chickens

Steve Bohn


Steve Bohn was born in Portland, Oregon. He grew up working “all sorts of laborer jobs” which eventually led him to working for the US Forestry Service planting trees in the Cascade Mountains – the famous Pacific Northwest mountain range that stretches from British Columbia through Washington, Oregon and California. Mount Rainier is part of the expansive system.

Later in life, Bohn traveled to Alaska to meet a woman who was his pen pal. His intention was to stay for two weeks. He ended up marrying his pen pal and living in Alaska for six years.

In 2012 the couple moved south to be closer to family members. Bohn continued working in the landscape business. In 2013 he was seriously injured in an automobile accident. After a long recovery, he decided to go back to school… and that is how we came to know the quiet, committed and talented Steve Bohn.

We’re thrilled he is working with us capturing important Studio B Sessions. He stays busy with production and is finishing up his classes at ICC. What does he do for fun? Well, he hangs out with his family, and he loves chickens. We knew we’d like working with Bohn when he came in one day wearing a tee shirt that read “I just want to drink coffee and pet my chickens.” Yeah, he's already family.