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Spencer Jones smiling wearing gray sweater

Spencer Jones

Underwriting Sales Representative

When Spencer Jones was in college he sent WNCW staff members an email hoping to get a chance to work at the station. He titled the message “Brother can you spare a job?” That was in 2004. He was not offered a job, but Spencer Jones was, and still is, a persistent person. He kept trying. One day he ran into WNCW Music Director Martin Anderson in Saluda, North Carolina and made another attempt to catch a ride on the WNCW train. Anderson sent him to Joe Kendrick, Program Director at WNCW. Kendrick told Jones to make a demo tape. He did, it was well received and a dream came true for the fearless Mr. Jones; he became a music host at WNCW. He admitted that it was terrifying at first, but he soon felt comfortable in his new position. In 2013 he became a part time underwriting sales rep for the station and began working throughout the WNCW coverage area. He cherished his position so much he applied for it when the job became full time and successfully fulfilled his wish to become a bona fide, full-time staff member.

“Our listeners are smart and they have good taste,” said Jones. “I enjoy getting to know the people and their businesses, industries and organizations that are a huge part of our wide listening area. I like to determine whether they are a good match for certain programs. I really like to hear that they have succeeded and have grown because of their relationship with WNCW.”

A side note to this story: Jones has a connection with a former WNCW News Directors he proudly calls one of his mentors. Long time listeners can appreciate his nod to a friend who took the time to help in during his formative years on the air. Her name is Wandu Lu (Greene) Paxton. She was one of first Morning Edition hosts and a beloved staff member of the station in the 1990s. Jones met her while she was working at a station in Brevard, NC. He had just begun his career at WNCW and wanted some advice from someone who knew the ropes.

“At first I just hung around her station a lot and I was not sure if she thought I was serious,” said Jones. “She came to see that I was serious. She encouraged me and told me, “If you hang around the kitchen long enough, you’re gonna learn how to cook.” Jones said. “I kept watching her cook until I got the chance to try a few recipes of my own. She was a mentor, she helped me learn the basics of programming and suggested I might be good at sales.” Wanda Lu always did have great intuition.

You can reach Spencer Jones at 828-748-8507. You can hear him, from time to time, hosting programs on WNCW and filling in for different on air hosts.