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Image of ARC Overnight Host Harry Strider

Harry Strider

ARC Overnight Volunteer Host

When Harry was a Freshman in high school he caught the radio bug while listening to WHFS, A highly innovative FM station in the Washington DC area. After he graduated from high school he pursued an associates degree in Radio and Television broadcasting as an attempt to enter the radio world. Radio was not in the cards for him at that time, so he decided to pursue his second love, cooking and baking. This led him to northeast Florida, where he lived for many years. During his time in Florida, his sister mentioned a fantastic new public radio station that  was just getting started in Western North Carolina, WNCW. He then started to stream WNCW whenever he got a chance, and fell in love with the station. In 2013, after his daughter graduated from high school, Harry followed his heart back to Western North Carolina, and upon his return he visited the station and asked if he could become more involved. That was when Joe Kendrick told him about Arc Overnight. Harry has been volunteering  at the station since 2016. You can hear him on Arc Overnight most Saturday nights at midnight. You can reach him at