Spring Fund Drive Edition of Jar of Jam

Mar 29, 2017

Dark Star Orchestra

Dark Star Orchestra will be coming to our listening area in the coming months.  Thanks to the support of a couple local venues, we have ticket offers to see the band at Pisgah Brewing on August 18-19 and at The Orange Peel on April 12.  Double up on the value of your money when you donate to WNCW to receive a pair of tickets to one of these shows.  You will support local radio and enjoy a night or two of great music.  Call 1-800-245-8870 to request these tickets.

We are also offering the soon-to-be-released album by Grateful Dead Cornell 5/8/77, which will be out in mid-May.  For a donation of $150, you can pledge to receive this 3-disc set.  Call 1-800-245-8870.

During the first couple hours of Jar of Jam, we will offer a limited number of Grateful Dead posters.  Call early to receive one of these posters when you pair it with a Jar of Jam t-shirt or the Grateful Dead 3-CD set.

Click here to donate now.