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Sierra Hull, Natalya Weinstein, Becky Buller, Claire Lynch, and Della Mae: What Does It Take To Be A Leading Lady?

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Joe Kendrick
Sierra Hull interviewed at IBMA in Raleigh NC October 2022

Bluegrass and progressive acoustic heroine Sierra Hull, with Zoe & Cloyd's Natalya Weinstein, Della Mae, Becky Buller and Claire Lynch relay the challenges and opportunities for women in the bluegrass and progressive acoustic music scene.

First, we hear from Sierra Hull about everything from coming up with a mentor like Alison Krauss to becoming a mentor herself, to how she is never satisfied as a musician and how that has made her push her boundaries, and what she has in store for a very busy year. Then, we hear from our other guests about the question of overcoming hurdles and finding their place in the spotlight.

Songs heard in this episode:

“The Last Minute” by Sierra Hull, from 25 Trips

“Poison” by Sierra Hull, from 25 Trips, excerpt

“Bulgar Sigansky” by Zoe & Cloyd, from Songs Of Our Grandfathers, excerpt

“Didn’t Die” by Becky Buller, from ‘Tween Earth and Sky, excerpt

“The Day That Lester Died” by Claire Lynch, from Crowd Favorites, excerpt

“Peg Monster” by Della Mae, from Headlight

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