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Morning Edition on Thursday, June 7 at 8:50AM: 'PREDATOR NATION' BY CHARLES FERGUSON

predator nation

Charles Ferguson was nominated for an Oscar for his first documentary about the war in Iraq, called 'No End In Sight'.  In 2011, he won an Oscar for his documentary, 'Inside Job', about the financial crisis that struck the country and nearly brought down our entire financial industry. With 'Predator Nation: Corporate Criminals, Political Corruption and the Hijacking of America,' Ferguson exposes the networks of academic, financial and political influence in all of the recent administrations - including Obama's - that allowed these predators to prevail, reveals the crimes committed in the frenzied chase for wealth that caused the collapse, and expresses his outrage that not a single senior financial executive has been criminally prosecuted for their role in the financial collapse to this day.  Pam Bunch talks with Ferguson about the book and how we - the 99 percent - might be able to take back our country.