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Why Listeners Tune In
Tell your story of how you started listening to WNCW and why y0u keep on tuning into the station. Are you a long-time listener or a new listener? Let us know why WNCW is important to you. Email Stephanie at .

How BJ Leiderman First Tuned Into WNCW...And Why He Is Still Listening

BJ Leiderman loves this station

I was traveling to Asheville to visit my old summer camp in Hendersonville. I was tuning through the FM dial when I stopped at a song that blew my mind and that I thought sounded very Beatlesque.

When I heard your station break I was stunned I was getting an Asheville station, as I had just recently crossed over the Virginia-North Carolina line. Turns out I was getting the feed from one of your repeater antennas! Very cool!

I found out the song I was listening to was That Was Me by Paul McCartney off of his album Memory Almost Full. But what blew my mind was that the next few songs were so varied in musical genre, and they were songs I had not heard before.

I fell instantly in love with your station, and I stream it wherever my travels take me.

Here's to WNCW, one terrific station. Asheville should be proud!

- BJ Leiderman

Tell us why you listen to WNCW.  E-mail Stephanie at .