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Album cover with artist playing guitar
Reed Foehl

Hello and welcome to WNCW’s new music podcast, On The Way Up, I’m your host Joe Kendrick for episode 40 of the show. Get set for some of the best new music to be featured here on grassroots radio, from acoustic to electric, from our daytime mix to ARC Overnight, and a whole lot in between.

Holly Kays representing Smoky Mountains News joined WNCW for More to the Story, where she shared details of her recent articles on "Challenges Facing Farmers in Western North Carolina" and "Tribe Votes for Plott Balsam Conservation" - about a 900-acre conservation project completed in Jackson County following funding from a Cherokee tribe. This interview originally aired March 13, 2019.

Posted by Host and Producer of More To The Story- Paul Foster, WNCW Senior Producer, News Director, and NPR's Morning Edition Regional Host

This Friday Feature Interview of the Week from March 8, 2019 spotlighted The Children and Family Resource Center, who co-presented an event called 'Talking to Young Children about Race.'  WNCW's guest from the group was Laura D'Angelo, a therapist and parent educator.  Laura gave background on the Resource Center and the goals and guest of the event - that was not only for children but their parents and caretakers as well.

Thanks to WFAE Public Radio, Charlotte, an update was given on North Carolina's 9th Congressional District with Reporter Steve Harrison.  A voter fraud investigation has led to the issuing of another election in this district, while Republican Mark Harris has left the race. Democrat Dan McCready will face who?  While a political advocate faces serious charges for the role he played.  Listen to the full details from this March 6, 2019 discussion.

Cover of book with pastel water colors and white text
Cover watercolor by Polly Gott - Design by Carolyn Kasper

Child Of The Woods is more than a collection of stories from Susi Gott Seguret about her childhood.  It's an invitation to go wandering, to traipse through the underbrush in search of adventure and excitement, experiencing the majesty of nature anew, through the eyes of a child of the woods.  It was a pleasure for producers of The Friday Feature to talk with this author, who grew up in Madison County, NC and after a time away, has returned there.  From the on-air interview of March 1, 2019.

Brass Band Playing in Parade in Asheville, NC
Vicki Dameron

New Orleans and others across the country have just wrapped up celebrating another Mardi Gras, including in our region - the popular group, Asheville Mardi Gras.  WNCW spoke with Michael Franco, a dedicated member of the group.  Franco shares what it means to be a member of the group, events throughout the year and the just held Annual Parade and Queens Ball.   These guys know how to party!!

Posted by Host and Producer- Paul Foster of WNCW, who serves as Senior Producer and News Director

Jay Melton With McDowell County, NC County and City Officials
Mike Conley - McDowell News

This More To The Story was a chance to focus on some top stories from McDowell County with The McDowell News and Reporter Mike Conley.  The discussion included the Wal-Mart in Marion employee, who was just one of many examples across the country of how someone with special needs would possibly be released from their jobs after the chain-merchandise giant said changes were being made.  Several other topics were also reviewed from this Feb, 27th edition.

They are called The Bright Star Touring Theatre and are based in Asheville. They've toured nearly 40-states across the U.S. and when they take the stage, it's performances like 'Heroes of the Underground Railroad' that helps give elementary aged children and community members the chance to view a powerful performance that shares a part of Black History.  Two actors from the group took part in this Friday Feature to talk about Bright Star, their roles, the variety of plays and more, as we recognized February as Black History Month.  Originally aired on Feb. 22, 2019.

Joel Burgess of the Asheville Citizen-Times was the featured reporter on this segment of WNCW's More To The Story, when he shared details on his story about Gerrymandering, redistricting legislative voting district maps.  A concern to voters and leaders and whats been called unbalanced or racial districts in certain parts of North Carolina. Burgess gives both the state and Asheville prespective. The interview first aired on February 20, 2019.