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A wide variety of stories was reviewed during this More to the Story with the focus on the Asheville area.  Citizen Times Editor and Columnist- Casey Blake was guest on November 18, 2020 when she covered the demand on Mission Hospital to keep up with the volume of Covid cases and a clincial partnership coming to Asheville in the fight against cancer.  In a feel good story, Casey shared how Howdy Ice Cream plans to hire special needs employees when they open in the near future.

Friday Feature: The Feed Our City Program

Nov 18, 2020

The Feed Our City Program, a part of Asheville Strong, was the focus of this recent WNCW Friday Feature Interview of the Week. President and Treasurer of Asheville Strong's Board of Directors- Catherine Campbell was interviewed about this nonprofit group helping to provide hot meals to locals in need and enable restaurants during a pandemic to pay retail prices to help them remain in business.  The interview debuted on-air November 13, 2020.

(l to r) Woody Platt and Graham Sharp warm up in WNCW’s Studio B 9/28/20
Mike Gavin

It could be easy to lose sight of this, with all of the trials and tribulations we have endured in 2020, but Steep Canyon Rangers is having a banner year. Beginning with their live album North Carolina Songbook, continuing with a surprise collaboration with Boyz II Men on the remake of their song “Be Still Moses”, and finishing with their studio album Arm in Arm, the western North Carolina six piece band has been fully en fuego despite all of the cold water thrown on the music world lately.

In 2018, the four piece group Wood & Wire was nominated for a Grammy award for their album North of Despair. Since their four members had come up playing styles like jazz and punk rock, of course they would find themselves in a band on the verge of winning nationwide recognition as a bluegrass band -- from that hotbed of the genre, Austin Texas no less. Somehow, two plus two equals five with Wood & Wire, and here they are, carving out a niche that seems as unlikely as it is fortunate.

Friday Feature: Annual Green Race Goes Virtual

Nov 2, 2020

Freelance Reporter- Lydia Wilson provided WNCW with her report on Western North Carolina's annual Green Race event.  The event in November is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Participants can come and get in the water for the excitement as before but there will be no crowds allowed due to the pandemic.  However, the race will shown live online.  This Friday Feature also shares news about a book on Chimney Rock (N.C.).  This segment originally aired Oct. 30, 2020.

As WNCW posts this segment of More to the Story, it will not be long until the results are in for so many big political races across Western North Carolina.  Smoky Mountain News Reporter Cory Vaillincourt recapped the races and how things were looking during this interview from Oct. 28, 2020.  

Posted by Host and Producer of More To The Story - Paul Foster, WNCW Senior Producer, News Director, and Morning Edition Regional Host

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires are amongst the most celebrated couples in music, and their star continues to rise. Theirs is a story that brings to mind iconic husband and wife teams like Johnny and June, and they can boast an ever growing legion of fans and critical acclaim. The past year or so has proved to be one of their most successful in terms of their music, while it has also been a span with times of great difficulty -- both with their art and their relationship.

Pre-law Pathway Advisor and Assistant Professor of Political Science in the Gardner-Webb University Department of Social Sciences, Elizabeth Amato, was interviewed by WNCW for this More to the Story on Oct. 21, 2020.  Amato talked about the huge turnout of early voters in the state and gave her opinion on who would possibly win North Carolina in the races for President, Governor, and the very close Senate fight between Thom Tillis and Cal Cunningham.