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The albums pictured above represent releases that have recently risen to the top here at WNCW. A few times a month, Music Director Martin Anderson compiles lists of the top ten current album releases and we list them under Programming and New Releases. If you want to access the list, learn more, see the albums and listen to the music, click on the link below. Thanks so much for listening to Grassroots - Listener Powered Radio!

Our fundraiser has begun! We are so happy to show you our new WNCW T-shirt. We love it and so do our DJs! Each shirt is made from eight recycled plastic bottles, from our friends at Recover Brands... being mindful and helping the environment with each shirt!

Three men laughing in a recording studio
Vicki Dameron

Studio B Rewind Host and Producer Kim Clark says we'll hear session clips from two of our absolute favorite performers, Malcolm Holcombe and Greg Brown, who played music together in our studio back in August 2019. "Not only are they great singer/songwriters, they're great guys, too," said Clark.