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Man using 3D printer to make face shields
WCU - Bill Studenc

Faculty, staff and some students with the College of Engineering and Technology at Western Carolina University are using 3D printers at the college's Rapid Center to develop visors for face shields for use by healthcare workers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Patrick Gardner, Director of the WCU Rapid Center, was interviewed in this Friday Feature piece. The interview first aired on April 17, 2020.

Carolina Public Press

The award-winning investigative, in-depth, and independent news source in North Carolina based in Asheville, Carolina Public Press was featured on this segment of 'More To The Story' from April 15, 2020.  CPP Reporter Stephanie Carson filed several reports dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in the state - from the number of cases reported, to confirmed deaths, which counties are affected, and how farmers and short term leasing are dealing with the changes.

Smoky Mountain News Twitter

Journalist with Smoky Mountain News, Cory Vallincourt, was interviewed on the April 1st presentation of WNCW's 'More to the Story' to talk about how Haywood, Jackson, Macon, and Swain County residents were coping with the changes caused by the coronavirus. The podcast includes information on how numerous organizations in the region are stepping up during these difficult times.

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Thanks to Michael Greene of Boone, NC - a virtual dinner concert series, online, was organized as a way to help raise money for local restaurants, servers, and musicians in the Boone area that have been unable to work due to the mandatory closures of businesses because of the Coronavirus.  This includes a Go Fund Me page set up to donate a little extra in the case someone can.  Maybe this virtual idea spreads all over as a way to say thank you to someone for serving and entertaining all of us in the past. You can find them on Facebook @BooneRelief

Photo taken at Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN By Vicki Dameron

One thing WNCW knows about is bluegrass, old time and true country music. It's a part of our electic music format which made this Friday Feature Interview of the Week even more special - when we learned all about the East Tennessee State University Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music Studies Program.  Interviewed on March 20, 2020 was Program Director Daniel Boner.  ETSU is passing on a legacy of music history that will help keep it going strong for the future.  

WFAE Public Radio Charlotte and its Health Reporter- Claire Donnelly reported the latest news concerning the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic as of March 18, 2020 when she joined WNCW on this segment of More to the Story.  Donnelly talked about Governor Roy Cooper's recent mandates put in place across the state as to protect citizens, while also giving some insight on how the virus has effected Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

From the North Carolina Extension Service, Rutherford County Chapter, Director Jeff Bradley and Horticulture Agent Hannah Bundy took part in the Friday Feature from March 13, 2020. For those unaware, this conversation enables listeners to find out what an extension service does on a weekly basis for agriculture to horticulture, etc.  Hear about livestock workshops and future events as well.

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Transylvania Times Reporter Matt McGregor was guest on this edition of  More to the Story from March 11, 2020.  McGregor talked about some of his latest stories, including healthcare concerns from a number of residents in regards to Transylvania Regional being in the hands of the group HCA Healthcare. Also McGregor gives insight on residents who have expressed opposition to the county possibly getting a seventh Dollar General Store.

Fire in a forest
Photo by Gerd Altman

A program called 'Paradise Lost- How Climate Change Is Devastating Our Communities' will be held in the near future in Hendersonville, thanks to the efforts of C4: Citizens Concerned with the Climate Crisis.  While a new date for the program is unknown at this time, this conversation will still be well worth your time.  This Friday Feature is a discussion with Tony Dunn, a Fire Ecologist, who now lives in Western NC, but was in Paradise when a massive fire made this Northern California city literally disappear.  The conversation first aired March 6, 2020.

Beautiful view of Blue Ridge Mountains
Photo by Vicki Dameron

Holly Kays, Outdoors Reporter, with Smoky Mountain News was our guest reporter for this edition of More To The Story going over her story on a forest management plan concerning the Pisgah-Nantahala Natonal Forest.  The plan has been in the works for some time but now they seem ready to move forward featuring a number of options that involve public input.  This interview first aired on March 4, 2020.

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Man standing and smiling near WNCW sign
Photo by Vicki Dameron

WNCW News Contributor Kevin Washington introduces men and women, who were a part of not only Black History but American History, mainly across Western North Carolina.  These reports were featured in February on WNCW during Black History Month 2020.  Additional Segments will be added soon.

Actors being interviewed by news producer in production room at WNCW
Photo by Vicki Dameron

Described as a funny story of love and redemption, BRIGHT STAR, the Steve Martin, yes that Steve Martin, and Edie Brickell musical is being presented by Tryon Little Theatre.  The same musical that's been on Broadway and presented by theatre groups across the nation, now takes the stage in Western N.C. - near the actual location where the story is depicted.  TLT lead actors in the show, Hannah Searcy (Alice) and Ryan Holub (Jimmy Rae) were interviewed.  Aired originally on Feb. 28, 2020. Showtimes for BRIGHT STAR are as follows:


Woman smiling sitting in front of gray wall
Photo by Erin Brethauer

In our regular visit with the Asheville Citizen Times, this WNCW's 'More To The Story' podcast offers details on a number of hot topics featuring Casey Blake, who serves as Editor and Columnist for the publication.  Blake went over Super Tuesday political races in Buncombe County and Western N.C.  In another topic, Blake talked about how many citizens and county leaders are asking questions regarding services and care since The Mission Hospital System became part of HCE Corporation.  This interview first aired on Feb. 26, 2020.

Representatives from The Alzheimer's Association - Western North Carolina Chapter made a return to The Friday Feature to talk about a community forum event in the region, while reminding anyone dealing with a loved one who has the Alzheimer's disease, that they want to provide support.  Guest was Denise Young- Program Manager of the association.  This conversation was first presented on Feb. 21, 2020.

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Image of tall skyscraper in downtown Charlotte, NC
Vicki Dameron

WNCW's 'More to the Story' on Feb. 19th featured WFAE Charlotte, NC Reporter Steve Harrison, who covered Charlotte's on-going preparations for the Republican National Convention coming up in August.  The interview took place just after President Donald Trump made a visit to the Queen City.  From Charlotte's Democratic National Convention experience in 2016, many of the same plans will return when it comes to logistics, safety, crowds, etc.