Daniel Romano Live Tuesday, January 29th between 3 & 4pm

Jan 28, 2019

With a brand new album of songs on New West Records called Finally Free, Daniel Romano and band returns to WNCW for his third visit, before a show at The Mothlight in West Asheville Tuesday night with T. Hardy Morris. The Ontario indie-rocker, perhaps as eclectic as he is eccentric, wears multiple hats: Romano is also known as a record producer, top-notch leatherworker, and Juno Award-winning graphic designer.

DANIEL ROMANO Live Wednesday, June 21st at 2pm

Jun 15, 2017

When you think of the phrase "follow your muse", you might look to Daniel Romano as a prime example of a musician who does just that. His albums have sounded significantly different from each other, as if his interests are morphing, or he's trying to find out what sound fits best for him. Like Dylan, it may or may not be either, or both... All we know is, we've liked his last two albums, and we like the variety of sounds on his new one "Modern Pressure." Romano plays the Evening Muse in Charlotte on Tuesday, and the Mothlight in West Asheville on Wednesday.