Crowd Around The Mic

It's our largest collection of Studio B Sessions that we have ever produced! As you can see from the image, there are some incredible artists featured on this three CD compilation. It's truly a treasure trove of musical goodness. There are 45 sessions, recorded mainly in Studio B, so if you're missing our live sessions, here's a way to own 45 of them. It will be retired after this fund drive, so get it now while you can!

Image of trees and cityscape that form a tree with info about WNCW's new CD compilation Crowd Around The Mic
Vicki Dameron

Greetings from WNCW! We just wanted to let you know our new Fall Fundraiser 2019 thank you gifts are up, right here, on our website. Yes! Click on DONATE in the top, right hand corner, check 'em out and please tell your friends.

Our Fall Fundraiser will be held October 13-19, 2019 and we'll be celebrating our 30th year on the air beginning the first day of the drive.

We are also in what we call Pre-Drive Mode. Pre-drive is a special time right before the fundraiser where folks are given incentives if they donate early. The offers include the following: