We Want The Airwaves

Tuesday 8pm until 9pm

It was the music that breathed a breath of fresh air into rock 'n' roll, packing audiences into clubs like CBGB in New York City,  the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA and the Milestone in Charlotte, NC. It sent fans into record stores to buy albums from bands they weren't hearing on the radio, including the B-52s, Television, the Talking Heads, Blondie, and the Ramones. One of those music fans who made the scene at the Milestone just about every weekend in the early 1980s, and who was known to take road trips down to Atlanta, GA for shows at the Agora Ballroom and the 688 Club, was WNCW's Kim Clark. Beginning March 5th, she'll be bringing classic New Wave, Punk, and Post-Punk to your ears on We Want The Airwaves, named after a Ramones song. Break out your shades, the skinny ties and check out our new show, every Tuesday from 8 until 9pm on WNCW.

Musicians playing music and having fun in Studio B
Vicki Dameron

Our Studio B Rewind Host and WNCW Producer Kim Clark is gonna take a look back this weekend at two super cool sessions we recorded this year in September - one features a local and revered singer/songwriter and storyteller who is a longtime friend of WNCW, Michael Reno Harrell.  She'll also share beautiful music from Asheville, North Carolina's Alex Krug Combo. The band was here to celebrate the release of the group's new EP  Sleeping In The Woodlands. It's all here on Listener-Powered, Grassroots Radio - WNCW - 88.7 FM  and streaming online at wncw.org.