Midnight Folk Hour

Fridays from midnight to 1am
  • Hosted by Ross O'Neal

Looking for a perfect way to wind down the week? WNCW has the answer: Listen to the Midnight Folk Hour with Host Ross O'Neal. Every Friday night at 12 o'clock, Ross treats WNCW fans to a wide range of music featuring contemporary, indie, country, traditional and Americana folk artists. In his show each week, Ross plays songs from the 1960's folk revival movement while also including efforts from early 20th century pioneers. Ross rounds out the program with a Midnight Folk Hour "Pick of the Week" showcasing a new folk release. And, to add to the fun, he makes the hour even sweeter, digging into the Studio B vault and choosing a "Folk Around The Mic" selection  just for our grassroots radio fans. Join Ross O'Neal on Friday nights and ease into the weekend with some great tunes on the Midnight Folk Hour.