WNCW Will Feature "No Contact Concert Series" Videos on Facebook

Jul 11, 2020

You've most likely been hearing about the "The No Contact Concert Series," especially on social media sites. Well, here's the skinny - it's a "completely online" streaming concert experience with a goal to create an online space where artists and production staff can work together to stretch the boundaries of traditional performance formats.

WNCW is happy to partner with the wonderful folks who have created this series, and we're always are up for a chance to help our fellow musicians. The fun continues Saturday, July 11 at 8pm! And, we hope you go to the WNCW Facebook Site, or The No Contact Concert Series Facebook Site OR NCCS You Tube Channel

Enjoy the music and please support the artists and crew! Here's the summer line-up:

July 11th - 49 Winchester - No Contact Concert Series

July 18th -Tall Tall Trees - No Contact Concert Series

July 24th - The Fritz - No Contact Concert Series

August 1st - Cicada Rhythm - No Contact Concert Series

August 8th -Fireside Collective - No Contact Concert Series

August 15th - Chatham County Line - No Contact Concert Series

Auguts 22nd - Amythyst Kiah - No Contact Concert Series

All crew and band members donate their time and talents to bring you The No Contact Concert Series. Please support them with one of the following options - Venmo and PayPal. For more info go here now!

No Contact Concert Series

A special thanks to the folks who are making this series happen:

Catawba Brewing Company - Morganton

CODEX soundMidwood Entertainment

Advanced Video Productions