WNCW: A Culture Where Music Thrives – A Goodbye Message From Stephanie

Mar 12, 2019

Have you ever been out around town, to an event, or even somewhere far away from the Appalachian region and run into a complete stranger wearing a WNCW t-shirt, sporting a 88.7FM bumper sticker, or wearing some other apparel that represents the station?  If so, did you feel an instant connection with that stranger because of the mutual appreciation for great music heard on WNCW?

For the last 10 years, I’ve heard stories like what I just described.  In fact, it’s happened to me as well. For the last decade, I have had the privilege of serving the WNCW listening community through work in membership and marketing.  For most of my time here, I have been the “person behind the curtain” sending email newsletters, managing the station’s website, and designing the artwork on thank you gifts.  On March 15, I will say goodbye and move on to a new adventure that will allow me to be more available for my family, particularly my two young children.

As I prepare for this change, I want to express my gratitude to you, the listeners, for the opportunity to join this ride called WNCW for the last decade.  WNCW is more than great radio, it truly is a listening community that is bigger than any one person, artist, or genre.  It fits no mold.  It’s a culture where music thrives.

WNCW is where the nostalgia of the most memorable music experiences is allowed to resurface, the music of legendary musicians is still heard weekly, and new music is given the chance to be heard. It’s because of listeners like you, as well as business supporters, that the station has remained strong since 1989.

The station is gearing up for its spring fund drive in just a few weeks and later this year 88.7FM will celebrate 30 years of broadcasting.  This is my last “official” appeal to ask you, the listeners, to keep the station strong through your financial support.  WNCW is what it is, because you keep it strong.  I encourage you to make it stronger than ever through not only financial support, but also by spreading the word to others and sharing about this great station to grow the listening community.

Thank you for a most memorable decade of being part of this community through my role at WNCW.  I value the friendships I have gained since my first day at the station in September 2008.  

My best to you and my colleagues,
Stephanie Webb