WNCW Celebrates Woodstock Day FRIDAY, August 16th From 9am 'til 9pm

Aug 13, 2019

We’re super psyched to invite you to be a part of our special one-day Celebration of Woodstock - Friday, August 16th. It’s the 50th anniversary of the iconic event that changed rock ‘n’ roll forever. We’ll be mixing up a groovy batch of music to celebrate and commemorate the famous festival, and we’re also hosting a one-day funder during Woodstock Day.

We’ll be offering fabulous giveaways and thank you gifts including:

  • A Charleston, SC Vacation Package
  • Santana's latest CD - Africa Speaks
  • A Framed “Fare The Well: Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Tour” concert print
  • A Vintage WNCW Woodstock Day Package that will include our fantastic new Sili Pint Cup, two cool retro stickers... one is crayon and sharpie friendly, a WNCW Sticker, and three specialty CDs 

Tell your friends - we'll begin spreading good vibes at 9am, on Woodstock Day. Our DJs will play magical music from the artists who performed at the festival, artists who were supposed to play and did not, and music from those inspired by the experience. We’ll pay homage from 9am 'til 9pm, sharing Woodstock songs, stories and interviews featuring WNCW friends who were at Max’s farm, in the summer of '69. Celebrate Woodstock Day with us - Friday, August 16th on Grassroots, Listener Powered Radio WNCW – 88.7 FM and streaming online at wncw.org.