On The Way Up | Episode 29

Dec 5, 2017

On this episode of On The Way up, we spotlight Christmas themes with some of the best new music to come our way this season, like The Minus 5, Courtney Marie Andrews, The Decemberists, Lowland Hum and more. On “DJ For A Day”, I’ll talk with WNCW morning host and music director, Martin Anderson, about our top 100 of 2017, as voting for that yearly best-of list is going on right now at wncw.org. Plus we’ll spin you a “Segue of the Week”, pairing a newly reissued and practically unheard of soul tune from 1983 with another funky gem from our stacks of Christmas discs.


  • The Minus 5 “When Christmas Hurts You This Way” from Dear December
  • Josh Ritter “Wintertime (The Snow Is Coming Down)”
  • Courtney Marie Andrews “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
  • Lowland Hum “We Are The Shepherds” from Songs For Christmas Time
  • Kenny Laguna “Home For Christmas”
  • The Decemberists “Jesus Christ”
  • Tav Falco “Soulful Christmas” from A Tav Falco Christmas
  • Joseph Washington Jr.  “Merry Christmas” from Merry Christmas To You
  • Electric Jungle “Funky Funky Christmas” from In The Christmas Groove