On The Way Up | Episode 12

Apr 25, 2017

During this 12th episode of "On The Way Up," we hear tunes from Jeb Loy Nichols, Paris Combo, Kasey Chambers, and the Snyder Family Band.  Also, Music Host Joe Greene discusses the difference between commercial and public radio and how they get music on the air.

Jeb Loy Nichols "That's How We're Living" from Country Hustle

The Big Takeover "Love Understands" from Silly Girl

Taarka "Retreat" from Fading Mystery

Paris Combo "Je Suis Partie" from Tako Tsubo

Kasey Chambers "Ain't No Little Girl" from Dragonfly

Steel Wheels "Scrape Me Off The Ceiling" from Wild As We Came Here

Snyder Family Band "Blue Ridge Mountain Sky" from The Life We Know

Interview with Joe Greene

Black Angels "Currency" from Death Song

Paul K and the Weathermen "Kapital" from The Blue Sun (Segue of the Week)