WATCH/Listen To "Pandemic Arts" on Vimeo & WNCW with David Holt Produced By Will & Deni McIntyre

Jul 21, 2020

Producers of David Holt’s State of Music, Will & Deni McIntyre, are now producing a different kind of documentary series. As musicians adapt to a time when live shows and touring have been shut down, Pandemic Arts seeks to tell their stories. Along with performances by each artist, the series features candid conversations about the reality of the current moment. Each of these short videos works to process the time we are in and to record this moment for posterity. See episode with Zoe & Cloyd and David Holt.

WNCW is airing these segments during Morning Edition alternating with Southern Songs and Stories on Tuesdays between 8am and 9am. We are honored to share such wonderful content that speaks to the hearts of listeners and fellow musicians during such trying times.