The War & Treaty - Blowing The Roof Off And Loving Without Limits

Dec 1, 2019

Their biographies read like something out of a movie, and probably should be made into one. Who knows how far the entertainment career of The War and Treaty will go, but even without all the acclaim, Michael and Tanya Trotter would be just fine.

The couple would be happy as long as they still could make music together, whether that meant being in front of small crowds or in front of full arenas.

Michael and Tanya, along with Buddy Miller, who produced their album Healing Tide, speak about the couple’s incredible music and improbable journey, and we have conversations with Albino Skunk audience member Sharon Meeker and music therapist Gretchen Chardos Benner as well. There is plenty of music from The War and Treaty’s set at the Albino Skunk Music Festival too, and some history of how they came to resemble something out of a fairy tale. Their story definitely did not start out that way.

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