Studio B Rewind SUNDAY, February 17th - TELLICO with John Doyle | FRUITION at 7pm With Kim Clark

Feb 17, 2019

WNCW listeners voted Tellico's latest album "Woven Waters,” produced by John Doyle, all the way up to #9 in last year's Top 100... and the Asheville, NC-based band played tunes from it live in Studio B last month," said Host Kim Clark. "You'll hear that session on this week's Studio B Rewind. We'll also be rewinding a recent session with Fruition, whose most recent album "Watching It All Fall Apart” was produced by Tucker Martine, best known for his work with My Morning Jacket and the Decemberists." Studio B Rewind, special sessions from your favorite musicians - every Sunday evening at 7pm on WNCW.