It's Cosmic American Music Show's 10th Anniversary - Celebrate with Brad Watson FRI, May 17, 6-9pm

May 17, 2019

It's hard to believe... Cosmic has turned ten years old. Thanks to the hard work of host Brad Watson, who came up with the concept in 2009, and the fans who have flocked to the airwaves on Friday night to get their Cosmic American Show fix, it's become one of WNCW's most popular programs.

"It's pretty amazing, I never really thought it would happen when I started this show," said Watson. "I just thought, hey... maybe people will listen in for an hour, maybe it will catch. We kinda threw it up against the wall and it stuck. It's really humbling and awesome to see how successful it's become and how many people we reach on Friday nights, listening in for three hours. It's all thanks to the listeners. We really appreciate it."

The much loved host says he's got some special music lined up to celebrate the big anniversary, Friday, May 17. The actual anniversary was one month ago on April 17. 

"This Friday, we'll have a special 10th anniversary edition of the show," said Watson. "I went back and found the old playlist from the original show... the very first show, so we'll be recreating the first show playing all the songs from that very first night, and we'll have our old favorites as well, mixin' in some cheatin' songs, drinkin' songs, truck driving tunes - the usual goodness here on a Friday night, so tune in!"

If you're not familair with The Cosmic American Music Show, here's our WNCW Program Description that's posted here on our website. 

In the late 60's, in a time when country music and musicians were seen as the furthest thing from hip or cool, Gram Parsons and a few others began to embrace and incorporate country music into the rock and roll realm. Once, when asked if he was trying to play rock or country or soul or what, Gram responded that "it's all Cosmic American Music." Since then, the music world has never been the same. From Parson's vision, a whole new style of music was born and its popularity is still evident today. "Alt-Country, "Americana," "New Weird American," "Anti-Folk," or whatever you want to call it, this music is linked by a sincere appreciation and acknowledgment of the music that came before it. On the Cosmic American Music Show, host Brad Watson honors Parson's legacy and focuses on artists who have dipped into the rich well of rock, country, old-time and bluegrass to create their own brand of new and original music. From Gram and The Byrds to Whiskeytown, from The Band to Uncle Tupelo, from Merle Haggard to Gillian Welch, each week The Cosmic American Music Show covers the best in Alt-Country and Americana music.

The Cosmic American Music Show airs every Friday evening from 6 until 9pm with Host Brad Watson on Grassroots, Listener-Powered Radio, WNCW 88.7 FM and folks can stream online at Also, if you're a member of WNCW, you have access to our archives where you can enjoy listening to programming, like CAMS, which has aired in the past and stored in our amazing WNCW vault of musical magic.