Frank On Friday - Survey Results Reviewed

Jul 1, 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent survey on Frank On Friday; we had over 400 survey participants. It was good to get a feel for how many of our listeners and members perceived this unique program. My experience at WNCW tells me that there is very little middle ground when it comes to the music of Frank Zappa, and this survey reinforced that belief. Of the 172 comments received, only 11 expressed something like a neutral stance towards the show. Frank Zappa always seems to get a reaction, and a strong one at that!

The survey also reminded me of how passionate Frank Zappa fans are, and of their steadfast support of WNCW’s programming his music. While a portion of respondents voiced their desire for the show to move to another time, be shortened or deleted, etc, there were far more who wished that it would remain or that more Zappa would be featured on our airwaves.

Another big takeaway from the survey was that so many folks were glad to have the opportunity to tell us about themselves and how they appreciated that we reached out to them. With that in mind, it seems like a good idea to craft surveys for more of WNCW’s programming going forward. While we will never be able to broadcast a week of programs that are perfect for everyone, we know that you are an incredibly eclectic, intelligent and passionate audience that appreciates the fact that WNCW has been and will continue to be a home for music and programs that serve as an alternative to the norm.

So, we look forward to continuing our Frank on Friday program as is.  Tune in, and send us a request! You can reach host Dave Wall by email at

Yours in music,
Joe Kendrick