Do You Know Your Own Gravity? Traveling To The Imaginary Worlds of Los Coast

Feb 3, 2020

Has this happened to you? A new band impresses you with their debut album, and when you get to see their live show, they blow you away with an array of extra layers to their sound. Southern Songs & Stories producer and host Joe Kendrick says that was his experience with Austin, Texas band Los Coast.

Their first record, Samsara, contained a diverse but tightly-knit variety of styles and influences, from Motown to jazz to gospel, and even a hint of avant-garde. And front man Trey Privott’s lyrics hit the listener like a ton of bricks.

Guitarist John Courtney described their MO in an earlier interview this way: “We want to provide an experience for people to discover deep things about themselves if they close their eyes and zone into it, while simultaneously providing an experience for people who just want to have fun, to do so, in a sort of magical playful way. I guess in summary: the rabbit hole can get as deep as the listener wants it to.”

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Songs heard in this episode (all performed live at Pisgah Brewing Company 9/28/19):

“Cymatics” (excerpt)


“(Everything But The) Kitchen Sink”