Defining A Sound As Elusive As The Band's Namesake: "The Deer" on Southern Songs and Stories Podcast

Sep 18, 2019

"The Deer is a band that does not fit into any one box, or any single term you might use to describe them," said WNCW Program Director Joe Kendrick. "The term “folk” comes up a lot when you hear about this Austin, Texas quintet. Descriptors like “indie folk,” “transcendental Texas folk,” and “psychotropic folk” are all floating around out there, but like so many handles we try to put on music, they are often slippery and ill suited to pick up what artists are laying down. The band features Grace Rowland on lead vocals, keyboards, and guitar; Alan Eckert on drums; Noah Jeffries on fiddle and mandolin - an instrument for which he won the Idaho flat picking championship; Michael McCleod plays guitar and serves as the band’s engineer, and on bass - Jesse Dalton."


Join WNCW’s Joe Kendrick in this episode which tackles the definition of folk music, Deer-style. "This podcast features many live songs from the band, ranging from their 2018 performance in our Studio B, to last spring’s Albino Skunk Music Festival, in Greer, South Carolina, as well as the new single from their forthcoming album Do No Harm, said Kendrick. "You will also hear conversations with them about how they define their sound, their love/hate relationship with South By Southwest, and their take on how Southern Gothic influences inhabit the music of their largely adopted hometown."


 Songs heard in this episode:

"And Like Through The Eye Go I" live from Studio B June 7, 2018 

“Winter To Pry” live at Albino Skunk Music Festival 4-13-19

“Swoon” live at Albino Skunk Music Festival 4-13-19

“Army Ants” live at Albino Skunk Music Festival 4-13-19

“Move To Girls” from Do No Harm